We are certified producer of DEK VectorGuard™ stencils from 2012.

SMD stencils Technology


  • Metal stencils; the uncompromising quality of laser cutting ensures that SMD stencils
    used to apply paste are produced according to high quality standards.
  • Precise cutting; laser cutting of metal offers competitive prices and reliable quality.
  • Thickness: 80, 100, 120, 130, 140, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300 microns.
  • Stainless steel.

Advantages of laser systems:

  • Accurate contours with smooth, flawless edges
  • Solder paste is precisely applied through apertures (Precise application of solder paste through apertures)
  • Laser technology is much faster and cleaner than etching and produces smaller amounts of waste.
  • Accuracy, productivity and, most of all, reliability
  • With our system we can produce low and medium complexity stencils


  • VectorGuardTM stencils
  • Stencils glued in aluminum frame
  • Self-tensioning stencils
  • Prototype stencils

End treatment:

  • Classic mechanical polish
  • Electro-chemical polish
  • Nano-Pro Tek coating

Technical specifications:

Cutting range (X/Y) 600 x 800 (23.6" x 31.5")
Maximum frame size (X/Y) 740mm x 950mm (29.1" x 37.4")
Maximum loose sheet size (X/Y) 650mm x 850mm (25.6" x 33.5")
Material thickness Up to 600 μm (23.6 mil)
Laser repetition rate Up to 45 kHz
Axial precision +/- 2 μm

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